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kiddytom asked: I was the anonymous! sorry i didn't reply earlier cause i was really busy! But i meant it when i said you guys look great!

well not many like our photo.. so its kinda great feeling u know.. well, how bout u/u guys?

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Anonymous asked: You guys should post more! And the pic of you guys is great!

really?? wow.. this is the 1st time we get such respond.. well, wow thi feel so great!

by anyway, we think u should come out from the anonymous thing & become urself.. so maybe we’ll think of posting more.. :) 

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Followers Needed


While i was not looking, my follower count increased to 841!! Can we make 845 tonight?  Please reblog my filth and perhaps we can.  Please… i just need 4 more followers to make my goal… please help!!!

i just want you to cum in my mouth!!!

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Hello dear tumblr.

I am from Malaysia and currently I am try to gather & recruiting newbie in my own Swing Party here in Malaysia. If you guys interested in joining or maybe got friends who live nearby and would love to join getting wild, please don’t hesitate to contact me here in my inbox. For those who live far away and couldn’t join the fun, I would be more than appreciate if you guys can spread this message by reblog this message.

Let’s get wild, Thanks!

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